(6 March 1914 - 29 May 2005)

romanian version

Teodor Breharu

General (r)
Teodor Breharu
wearing the Order
Mihai Viteazul
Cluj, 2000

       Teodor Breharu was my grandfather, the person admired most. He was a brave man surviving the second world war being bestowed the highest Romanian decoration, Mihai Viteazul Order, for his bravery on the battlefront.

       He was an appreciated citizen of Cluj-Napoca city. After Romanian revolution (Dec.1989) he was given back the recognition and the rights that came with the Mihai Viteazul Order that was seized by the communists 50 years before. He was made Honorific Citizen of Cluj-Napoca (see the honorific citizens list), he received the Diploma of Excellence and together with his wife, my grandmother Maria Breharu, were given the Diploma of Fidelity as of celebrating 50 years of marriage.

       I made this website in his honour a few years before he passed away. I have lots of family photographs to present here and important information about his life especially from the second wolrd war. I begin with the Genealogical Tree of Breharu family.

       Here are his biography notes and his memoirs about fighting in the second world war...        Other related links here.
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